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Friday, October 3, 2008

Costco Gives Back Early Hour to Executive and Business Members

Two postings ago here at the Complaint Department, I noticed on September 26, 2008 that Costco changed their operating hours to permit their Gold Star members to enter the El Camino Real (South San Francisco) location at 10AM instead of 11AM, thereby screwing the Executive and Business members who get this special early privilege to conduct their shopping.

Well... here's something new. The photo shows now (October 3, 2008) that the policy has been reversed and Gold Star Members now have to enter at their regular time at 11AM.

Cheers to Costco for giving us Executive and Business members back our special hour!

I wonder why they reverted back the hours so quickly, like in just one week's time. Maybe it is because of my posting here at the Complaint Department and possibly the posting thread I started on Yelp. Click here for the Yelp conversation.

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