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Friday, October 10, 2008


That SCUMBAG ED JEW is going to have a pleasant time in PRISON...

HE just pleaded guilty in Federal court to charges of bribery, extortion, and plans to accuse others.

Now... we just need to get is stupid ass convicted for LYING about his RESIDENCY (a.k.a. elections fraud).

Why would this bastard lie about his residency? When DA Harris issued the warrant for his arrest, he surrendered to police at Burlingame. Burlingame is where his other "home" is located.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Remember Ed, prisons don't offer tapioca drinks, and extortion and bribery only works on fellow inmates so you don't become someone's "bitch."

More about this story here.

Also, I just fucked around with his wikipedia page. Hope he likes it.

1 comment:

Whole Wheat Toast said...

I met him once. Nice guy. Sadly it had to end this way...