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Friday, October 10, 2008

SF Supervisor Bevan Dufty - Liar and Castro's Halloween Killer

Word is going around that the City and County of San Francisco is not going to host the 2008 Castro Halloween.

As you can recall from last year and postings here at the Complaint Department, the 2007 Castro Halloween was canceled by the city and the city actually spent their money paying for insane amounts of police overtime, and other city staffing expenses to shut down the Castro, and that really hurt the neighborhood's economy and reputation.

Oh, and don't forget the wasted $40,000 of MY TAX MONEY campaign by David Perry & Associates to tell people to stay away from the Castro in 2007. They made cheap and crappy PSAs/TV commercials that received one to three star ratings on YouTube (see here) and every local TV station refused to air the commercial except for KRON (the least watched and worst station in the city), used Blogger (a free service) to make blog postings, and made posters that looks like a kindergarten student did it. Plus, they used my tax money for GOVERNMENT SPONSORED CENSORSHIP, they erased and blocked all comments and ratings on their YouTube videos, and erased all negative comments from their "Home for Halloween" blog. And just to note, I made those negative comments that got erased. If they didn't want comments, they should have shut it off before posting those YouTube videos and that blog.

Now, the "City that knows how" to fuck up San Francisco wants you to get the hell away from the Castro again. If I can, I'd slap the Entertainment Commission people in the back of the head, with my belt.

Supervisor Bevan Dufty
And you are wondering, why do I have San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty's photo on here? Well, this person PROMISED ON LOCAL TV CAMERAS and the NEWSPAPERS that he will return the event to the Castro in 2008.

Straight from the horse's mouth (or may I say ass):
""I'm not shutting down the neighborhood again," Dufty said Friday, acknowledging that the city's request cost some owners tens of thousands of dollars in revenue." (Chronicle 11/3/08, click here for article)
So now the liar says this in a recent article from the Bay Area Reporter:
"With Castro bars not facing a similar shutdown this year, and the city's plans to hold a free event near the Giant's ballpark moving forward..." (Bay Area Reporter Online 10/9/08, click here for article)
Well well well... Bevan Dufty makes promises that are not true. Do you know what I call people who don't tell the truth? A LIAR! A BIG FAT LIAR. DON'T EXPECT TO GET RE-ELECTED WHEN CAMPAIGN POSTERS IN THE CASTRO SAY:
So now, the City is sponsoring this "San Francisco Halloween Festival 2008" on Halloween at the parking lot at AT&T Park, one of the worst places to even hold an event in this city.

AT&T Park Lot "A" equals bad idea

Let us go over the list of reasons why AT&T Park's Lot "A" is a terrible place. One: AT&T's parking lots are not easily accessible by Muni. We've got the "T" line, which stops right next to it, but do you realize that the platform they use for that line is only suitable to run one-car trains? That means LOW CAPACITY. Also, AT&T Park will try to gouge you as best they can, and they'll do it by charging for parking. Regular baseball games run about $30 a car, but special events similar to the shows like Cirque at the parking lot charges $20 a car. And don't forget the food, the City is already looking for greedy for-profit food booths that are used in events like the Fillmore Jazz Festival who charge a huge amount of money for food to its patrons.

So what does that mean for the Castro? That means an especially bad time for their economy. When they did have these festivals, the Castro's economy got a big boost because people needed food to eat and things to drink. So by cancelling Castro again and this economy going into a possible big recession, the Castro will suffer with the loss of revenue to the neighborhood. Why not bring it back to the original home of Halloween fun? And even last year during the shutdown, a couple of bars were open and lines were out the door! That shows you what kind of brisk business would have happened if the Castro was opened.

(Photo from City and County of San Francisco's website; public domain since my tax dollars pay for that photo and website)

Please note: My apologies if you subscribed and received a blank posting with only Dufty's photo on it.

1 comment:

Whole Wheat Toast said...

Someone should smack David Perry for making shitty commercials

Also the women who speaks like the man, I've seen him/her/it before on Kron (yes I watch kron but ever since they switched the newscast to 8 PM I stopped watching)