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Thursday, December 11, 2008

What happened to Adam's Block (Webcam)?

This is really weird, Adam's Block was really starting to get popular on the web. Adam set-up two cameras covering the Tenderloin District of San Francisco (and let me tell you, it aint tender).

It was really addicting to watch the cams and talk about it in the chat room because you got to see some really cool things like people crossing the street, the chat room yelling out taxicab and cop car numbers, drug deals in front of the camera, and Leroy the crazy bum.

But I just checked the site this afternoon, and it was showing reruns of popular clips, and now it's showing a different cam operated by someone else (sfchemist cam).

Nobody knows what the heck is going on between Adam and Justin.tv. There's no official updates anywhere about what's going on, and checking Google blogsearch shows that this is going to be the first blog entry asking "Where's Adam?" Some have put some really crude rumors on the Adam's Block chat (which I won't describe here), and whenever anyone asks about Adam, the moderator just says "e-mail Adam" and nobody else has an answer (maybe because they fear getting kicked out of the room).

So help me and the entire world folks... Where did Adam's Block go?

UPDATE: Adamsblock.com has been updated with an "apology" letter, which the context says some harsh stuff. I won't give an opinion on the letter.


Whole Wheat Toast said...

wow that sucks. I was starting to like it too, and i never got a chance to see something interesting...

Unknown said...

I'm on top of it as well, which is how I found your blog! I sent an email and we'll see. There is SOME info on the site now, but I'm still unclear what happened. Adam feels extremely guilty about something.


Unknown said...

San Francisco Chronicle: sfgate.com has details. Adam decided to censor some graffiti website that he perceived was 'spamming' his feed by standing on the streets in view of the cameras holding placards, banners or posters advertising their site.

Adam decided to censor them somehow because he felt graffiti promotion to be illegal. They went ballistic, issuing illegal threats, harrassing and stalking the poor dude. Got him so scared he almost pissed himself like a prisoner at Guantanamo and under duress as severe as the threat of death, he posted some apology to the graffiti gangsters that was undoubtedly at least as sincere as our POW's smiling happily on the Christmas Cards taken by the VC, all the while they're waving their middle fingers in 'joyous' celebration.

Good news is that all this gangsterism has attracted a broad path of public support and it looks like he'll pull out of this just fine and the proliferation of camera sites is bound to explode.


Anonymous said...

AdamsBlock is coming back. check it out. adamsblock.com