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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Did SF Muni's PR person Maggie Lynch get fired?

I was just watching KPIX today and they were mentioning about their investigation program, showing the big bosses and PR people refusing to talk to reporters. Then it was a just a few second shot of Maggie Lynch, a San Francisco Muni public relations person who walked away from pressure from a reporter about leaking pipes due to Muni's mistakes. (If you can't take the pressure, maybe you should fart a few times to clear it out).

Oh yeah... and covering Muni's ass for the dragging of a passenger on a metro platform, with total disregard of Muni operators usually reading their newspapers and not looking in their mirrors.

I knew that something did change around SF Muni, Judson True is the current head public relations person for San Francisco Muni.

So what happened to Maggie Lynch?

Did her wild PR campaign force Muni/SFMTA to terminate her or push her to some desk job?

Maybe pressure from my blog entry in October 2007 demanding for Maggie Lynch to be fired was the last straw. Who knows? At least she isn't blabbing to the news cameras.

Public relations aint that fun... but that guy who used to do PR for Caltrain was a cool guy, he was old, but he told the blunt truth, without sugar coating it. Someone got hit on the tracks? He'd say something like this: "You have to be stupid to cross the tracks when the lights and gates are down."


Whole Wheat Toast said...

yeah, i noticed that Judson True is the guy that covers muni's ass whenever something happens. i should try to contact muni about it

Anonymous said...

Not that she doesn't deserve a public and humiliating firing, but at this time of year it's more likely that she's on vacation.

Akit said...

I can tell you, it's very UNLIKELY that she's on vacation.

Here's proof, Judson True has been on the job for at least six months, when there was some coverage between my blog and the Chronicle working together on resolving a policy problem:

Anonymous said...

Maggie has been reassigned.