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Monday, May 11, 2009

Would you pay $1 for Water at a SF Restaurant?

It's the big $50,000, I meant $1 question... would you pay a restaurant $1 for a glass of water?

Maybe if you ate at the Millennium restaurant in San Francisco.

Michael Bauer of the SF Chronicle reports this particular restaurant charges a $1 fee for their water which is always free at any other San Francisco institution.

The restaurant claims they use a filtration system from the city's tap water line as a cost cutting measure due to the high priced of bottled water. They also mention that they do this surcharge because of the new San Francisco health plan law that requires employers to provide basic health coverage.

But really... FILTERED WATER? Is the restaurant owner just a total idiot? It is pointless to purchase a water filter for water in San Francisco. The Hetch Hetchy provides the best drinking water in the entire nation, and a local news station did a blind taste test with chilled water and people felt the municipal water tasted better than bottled.

Plus... tap water costs literally pennies a glass and the restaurant is literally taking a 700 to 1,000% markup on their "filtered water." What if I wanted non-filtered water? Would they still tack on the $1 surcharge? The answer from management: Either pay $1 for the filtered stuff or get NOTHING.

What a bunch of assholes!

You go to any restaurant and ask for water with your meal. No $1 surcharge there! Will people even eat at Millennium's? It's like going on an airplane and getting all the surcharges tacked on.

What is this? Some kind of frickin protest thought-up by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association against the San Francisco health plan law? You don't charge MONEY for TAP WATER! Filter my ass.

If a restaurant is financially hurting from the health plan policy, then there are two options:
  1. Raise the menu prices by 50 cents (assuming that a patron orders two menu items).


Erik said...

There is always the option to go to a different restaurant if $1 water angers you so much.

murphstahoe said...

not to mention, the reverse osmosis filters waste about 3 gallons for every gallon they filter. Millenium being the chi-chi vegan restaurant would be expected not to waste water like this.