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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

$2 for Muni is Done, and Not Laying-Off Fare Inspectors?

Mornings on Two and SFgate reports that Muni has found a way to magically save $10.5 million from their original proposed cuts to the public transit service. The Board of Supervisors had the cards in their favor to possibly reject the SFMTA Board's proposal, but with some dealmaking behind closed doors, there is some glimmer of hope for Muni.

What sounds definite now after all this haggling at City Hall is we the passengers will still be paying the $2 adult cash fare effective July 1, 2009. For you people still carrying Muni token tickets, it's time to start frying them as fast as you can.

The adult fast pass will be raised to $55 on July 1st, and to $60 on January 1st (as originally proposed). Muni will terminate BART usage on January 1st, unless if passengers purchase the "premium" pass starting January 1st for an extra surcharge of $10.

On the really negative end...
SFMTA has agreed to increase parking enforcement hours that would normally end at 6PM and will now terminate at 8PM everyday. This is not a good thing for the local restaurants trying to stay afloat in this bad economy. Plus, will the meter maid's union agree to work this late? And just food for thought (sounds yummy!)... how much of a difference would 2 hours extra on the meter really make? Do the math: The number of meter maids on the street from 6PM to 8PM, multiply by two hours of their hourly wage, and subtract the revenue and extra maintenance costs on the meters (i.e. the change removal folks, battery replacement, etc.).

Route changes and cuts will still happen. SAVE THE 38-GEARY OCEAN BEACH BRANCH and DON'T CHANGE the 18-46th AVENUE.

Reducing the number of fare inspectors they were planning to hire. What kind of CRAP is this? How about don't hire any, and start laying-off half of that force? For the salary they make, they sure can't write enough tickets to make it a benefit to our city.

SFgate user ender_of_sf makes a good point about the fare inspectors:
"From what I've seen the fare inspectors are a joke. They roam in packs of two and three, and are more likely to be seen chatting together on Metro platforms (especially on rainy days) than issuing citations. It's not a bad concepts, but as usual with MUNI, poorly implemented."

SFgate user selwynator also makes a good argument:
"Wait a minute here.....how can NOT hiring more fare inspectors after this save MUNI money?"

This is a deal? Bull**** Board of Supervisors. I expected better.

1 comment:

Erik said...

I think SFgate user selwynator doesn't understand how budgets work.

If your proposed budget includes $1 million more than last year because you plan to hire a bunch of fare inspectors, then canceling that hiring means you can take that $1 million out of the proposed budget, thus reducing the deficit and saving money.