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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

PGA President's Cup Day 2: Traffic, Parking & Muni Updates

Good morning everyone; today is day two of the PGA President's Cup golf tournament in San Francisco's Harding Park and is the second and final day of the practice round.

Here's your updates for today:

  • Normal heavy traffic on Lake Merced Blvd. northbound from Brotherhood Way to Font.
  • Police and city parking officials are on northbound Skyline near Great Highway to help ease the congestion due to the closure north of Skyline at Great Highway. There is no need to get into the far left lane anymore, the right lane will lead into one of the two designated left turn lanes leading to Great Highway.
  • Westbound John Muir Drive is open. It's supposed to be shut-down.

  • WARNING to all event specators: Parking in the SFSU and Parkmerced regions have either one hour, two hour, or four hour limit parking (unless if you have a resident/neighborhood permit). The city parking officials don't joke around, they frequently patrol the area every weekday to catch SFSU students.

  • My regular 18-46th Avenue bus driver stated that she is the only "regular" driver on the line today. She claims that everyone else called in sick. Prepare to get motion sickness folks, the substitutes tend to jam the gas pedal harder.
  • Re-routes are in force for the 18-46th Avenue and 88-BART shuttle.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Adding to you fantastic updates: The golfers who drive and park are out there early! It's just after 7am and they are already waiting on Sloat for the shuttles - this is the last two mornings. And Wed. afternoon had two minor accidents @ John Muir & Skyline, a fender bender and on the Great & Skyline a small car had managed to run up onto the movable cement road divider and was stuck. It appeared they had rear ended a truck. Hmm, too much distraction? in the area for them? thanks for the updates Akit!! Terry