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Friday, October 16, 2009

Castro Halloween 2009? Newsom, Dufty, & Perry says NO

It's Halloween time again in San Francisco and we are just 15 days away from kids trick-or-treating in front of your house, or the adults hanging out at their favorite bar or street for a cool orange colored themed drink.

But come on... where's the biggest party going to be at? Where else? The CASTRO!

Since 2007, I've been advocating in support of continuing the Halloween tradition in the Castro district, and in 2009, this will be my third year of flicking my middle finger at Mayor Gavin Newsom, Supervisor Bevan Dufty, and P.R. a-hole David Perry.

So once again, the Mayor's office in support with David Perry's P.R. campaign has re-done "Home for Halloween" 2009 to promote you to keep your ass away from the Castro district. Hmmm... a third year you say?

Let's recall the last two years:
  • In 2007: David Perry and Mayor Newsom shut-down the Castro and encouraged neighborhood businesses to not open in the evening of Halloween (at a cost of $40,000 of taxpayer money). People still came, and the places that defied Perry and Newsom's request saw a huge boom in business with people lining up for good eats and drinks. As for the ones that closed, they regretted doing it because they lost money. Dufty promised that the city will host an organized event in the Castro the following year, but broke his promise (see below).
  • In 2008: The city decided to host an alternate event at the parking lot at AT&T Park and spent $500,000+ of taxpayer money, but also spending an untold amount of money to stop people from going to the Castro. It turned out to be the biggest bust ever when hardly anyone showed-up to AT&T Park, and many decided to party on the sidewalks of the Castro district since the city banned the event to leach onto the road.

Doesn't this city get it? People want to party at the original home of Halloween in San Francisco. So why not spend our hard earned tax dollars to host a legitimate event with the neighborhood where the city can have officers screen people for weapons and illegal drugs, and if need be, offer very low priced admission to cover the costs of permits, clean-up, and other related problems. If we want to help our fellow businesses in this tough economy, don't ban the event, encourage it so people will shop and eat.

By letting your city invest into David Perry's pockets, you are giving this jackass taxpayer money to tell people to get the f*** away from the Castro; but noticing last year's reaction where people still came out to that neighborhood, the Mayor should switch sides, especially if he wants to get elected to be Governor.

So I encourage you, resist the temptation of partying at home and ship your butt to the Castro. Let's give Newsom, Dufty, and Perry the

Why not piss-off David Perry a few more times?
-- Suggest a Halloween event on his website and simply mention the event title to be: "HALLOWEEN IN THE CASTRO!"
--Give a "one star" rating on his YouTube video. He banned comments (asshole).


Anonymous said...

I think Polk Gulch is the new Castro, as far as Halloween partying is concerned.

There'll be hundreds of cops in the Castro making sure nobody shuts down any streets.

The mayor is a lame duck at this point, so he's not worried about re-election.

Akit said...

I had to revise it since Newsom can't be re-elected for Mayor. He's going for Governor.