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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

UPDATE: 511 Trip Planner Ready for Muni Service Changes, but no Published Schedules

San Francisco Bay Area's 511 announcements section now reports that Muni's service schedule changes effective December 5, 2009 can now be used on the 511 "trip planner."

This is a step forward for 511, although Google Maps was able to implement the service changes a few days earlier.

One serious flaw with 511 and Muni is there are no published time schedules of the revised schedule and route changes on the 511 website (only the pre 12/5/09 schedules are posted). Muni's website refers all website visitors who wishes to review the time schedules to go directly to the 511 website for information.

Cool tip: to get a route schedule, enter the web address: http://www.sfmta.com/ and type in the line number. For example: http://www.sfmta.com/38L

If you ride on a bus line that does not run frequent service, a published time schedule is necessary to assure you do not wait at a bus stop for a long time.

While I take the bus to work at the same time, my return ride home depends on what time I leave work, and a printed published schedule in my coat pocket helps me plan if I should stay in my warm office or start walking to the stop.


Larry-bob said...

Thanks for the tip about schedules - I was able to help a co-worker who needs to catch the 8x. If you go to sfmta.com and search for schedules for 8x or 9x both are broken.

Larry-bob said...

Ok, they've fixed the search now. Might require clearing browser cache if you did a search before, though.