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Monday, December 21, 2009

2009: A Year in Review at Akit's Complaint Department

2009 has been a great year here at Akit's Complaint Department. When comparing last year to this year, I've posted over 100 more blog entries than last year (maybe because my thesis took a lot of time in 2008).

A lot of blog entries targeted Muni for all the troubling antics the public is so ticked-off about while others targeted the TransLink card program on its development to a major program. I'm also proud that some of my blog entries has changed public policy and defends the people from the broken SF public government system.

And of course... to my readership: Thank you for your continued loyalty. I am truly honored to have my blog being read on your own personal and work computers.

As an anonymous reader said to me: "the squeaky wheel gets heard!" I will continue to squeak the wheels as the watchdog will keep an eye on our city.

Let's sum-up 2009!

  • TransLink releases their first survey to people who signed-up for the SFMTA/Muni trials.
  • After making some demands to TransLink and Muni to confirm people who signed-up for the testing program, the agencies release an official letter from SFMTA Chief Nat Ford to confirm our participation.
  • Concert organizers releases the schedule for the 2009 OutsideLands festival. I wasn't happy.
  • An unofficial TransLink card party is organized. The party was a success and demonstrated the program as easy to use and reliable (a great marketing tool too!).
  • Rumors were flying around about a Muni fare hike to $2.
  • The President's Cup brings another world of hell to our city and the folks of SF State. My information is better and more reliable than our city agencies. Info guide, updates (day 1, 2, and 3-6).
  • Halloween in the Castro killed-off again.
  • Muni hitting rock bottom? Actually... I think they can sink further.
  • Advice for rookies riding BART during the Bay Bridge closure.

Happy holidays everyone! Let's sing songs!

Dashing through the bags,
on the most crowded bus in town.

Hearing the driver yell,
"get off the stairs or this bus is going to hell!"

Live chicken in the bag,
Ladies clipping their fingers.

Oh what fun it is to ride and smell the stinky bus tonight...
Oh 30-Stockton, 30-Stockton!

P.S. Sorry for not posting in over a week, I've been out of commission with a cold and I'm almost back to 100% health.

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