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Monday, January 11, 2010

Why so many illegally dumped Christmas trees on SF streets?

If you drive around the neighborhoods, it's common to find a lot of Christmas trees illegally dumped on the sidewalks and near public trash cans (it's an eyesore). It makes me wonder what the city has done to stem this problem.

I always remember that Sunset Scavenger (now goes by the name Recology) would tell everyone that they will pick-up the trees on a designated week (usually the same day they pick-up your black, blue, and green bins).

What makes it a little strange is why weeks after Christmas ended, there is so many trees out in the streets. Which agency is now responsible for picking up illegally dumped garbage?

Is it DPW's responsibility where it costs us taxpayers thousands of dollars (or even millions) a year for picking up illegally dumped trash off our streets or is it Sunset's responsibility?

Here's a question for Sunset Scavenger, if a person wants to dump their old tree (legally) , how can they do it? Do they just throw it in their compost bin or leave the tree next to their cans during pickup day?


Unknown said...

What's an illegally dumped tree? This piece in the Chron says that it's OK to put a tree curbside until 1/15/10.

Akit said...

Have you ever heard of illegally dumped home garbage? That's when people dump their home garbage in the public street garbage cans.

Same thing for trees.

Akit said...

Does anyone even read the Chronicle?

Unknown said...

I have, I guess I'm just trying to figure out how you can tell which trees are curbside legitimately and which have been illegally dumped.

And the point isn't that it's in the Chron, the point is that it's out there if you simply google it.