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Monday, March 22, 2010

Remake of KTVU's "Bay Area People" Commercial?

If you lived here in the Bay Area since the 1980's, you should remember this video below...

That's right folks, it's the "Bay Area People" commercial that KTVU produced and something I consider to be a classic showing the brighter and happier days of our city and the Bay. Even if you have never seen this video, it should give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about our region.

The two decade old video shows a lady handling multiple dogs with many leashes, retired KTVU 10PM news reporters, Oakland Police, a couple at the Mel's Drive In at Lombard, a guy in a suit going to work in roller skates (yes, the classic kind), a lady with a flat tire with the 39-Coit bus passing by, a small dance crew at the port of Oakland, and an Asian lady with huge ass KTVU glasses. You can surely notice classic 80's stuff like the old Muni buses and the hairstyles.

I was thinking to myself, isn't it about time for KTVU to revive this old classic by keeping the classic "Bay Area People" song, but re-film all the video portions? For example, instead of the guy in classic roller skates, it's roller blades, and the lady with the "brick" cell phone is using an iPhone.

If you want to contact KTVU and ask them to remake the classic commercial, click here and you can decide to send it by snail mail, e-mail, or give them a call.

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