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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Free Muni Rides for Golden Gate Ferry Passengers Ends Next Week

Sorry to tell you the the bad news Golden Gate Ferry passengers, your free rides on Muni is ending in a week.

For over a decade, Golden Gate Ferry passengers would get a two part transfer for a free ride on Muni to go away from the terminal (expired in 90 minutes) and one to return to the terminal (expired in 24 hours). It was an exceptional deal to get a free lift on Muni after paying about $4 (TransLink) or $8 in cash for a one-way ferry trip.

During the TransLink era, passengers who paid with their TL cards could decide to get the paper transfer or just use their TL card for their free ride away and back to the ferry terminal (e-transfer).

Starting April 1st, there will be two major things happening:
  1. The Muni transfer will not offer free rides. Instead, passengers will get a 50 cent discount away from the terminal, and 50 cents off for the return trip. (Seniors, youth, and disabled will get a 25 cent discount)
  2. No paper transfers will be issued from the terminal. A TransLink card is required to make the initial transaction with Golden Gate Ferry to be eligible for the discount transfer. A valid TransLink e-Muni pass will override the discount transfer.
Golden Gate Ferry passengers know they get a huge discount when using their TransLink card instead of paying cash, so do you have a card? Get a card at a retailer for a $5 fee (credited back if you register for autoload) or keep your eyes peeled for card giveaways at key locations within San Francisco. Next distribution will be at SF State this Thursday from 10:30AM to 2PM (I'm not sure exactly where, it's likely on 19th/Holloway or in the Student Center).

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