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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Muni Board Rejects Idea to Make Express Buses and Cable Cars a Premium Service

I just got back from my vacation in Las Vegas and I was looking at my Twitter messages while waiting for the plane at the airport and found something quite interesting...

It's really great to hear the SFMTA board has decided to reject their plan to only allow the more expensive $70 adult fast pass to access express buses and Cable Cars; thereby letting the $60 "M" pass holders to still have the right to ride the expresses to work, and the Cable Cars for fun. (Read my reaction to the first time Muni proposed even more restrictions on the "M" pass)

While the adult citizens rejoice about preserving their right to ride all Muni lines on a less expensive pass, one issue is not clear: During an SFMTA meeting, board members mentioned that there would also be a premium version of the senior, youth, and disabled passes that would also separate the right to ride certain lines. It is likely based on the news article, the SFMTA won't make a premium version for this group of citizens. On the sad part of this news, these three categories are still getting a pass hike soon and was OK'd by the Board of Supervisors months ago.

I've always thought it was a stupid idea to force peak hour express bus and Cable Car passengers to pay more for services. The cheap folks would decide to take the limited or regular bus lines (instead of the express) to save $120 a year in exchange for a longer commute; on the flip side is there would be massive overcrowding on the regular and limited lines. It was even more insulting the SFMTA management proposed for "M" pass passengers to pay the FULL FARE for express and Cable Cars instead of a small fee (say 25 cents for express and $2 for Cable Cars).

It's good to be back home! Just to mention: The Las Vegas transit system SUCKS. I waited 45 minutes for a bus on the strip and only one came by and I couldn't board because it was full. While waiting, I counted over a dozen going the other way. I finally gave up and took the damn monorail which is much faster but more expensive.

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