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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Muni Driver Serves Justice to Pamphlet Thief

A pet peeve when I ride Muni is when passengers take more than one of the information pamphlets that are in the "take one" boxes on the buses.

A passenger on the 18-46th Avenue this morning took all of them from the front of the bus, and the ones in the middle of the bus. I was finally fed-up since this guy would snatch every single pamphlet, regardless of what information is on it, and it happened every single day.

I finally spoke up when he got near my seat and he was snatching the next batch. I told him not to take all of them, and the driver was paying attention to what I was saying to the guy. The passenger did what he usually did and moved to the back row of the bus. The driver yelled at the passenger to give them back saying "did you pay for those?" (as in, did your tax money pay for you to take them all?).

He drove a couple of blocks further looking in his mirror, pulled over and activated his emergency brake. He got out of his seat, went to the back of the bus and confiscated most of the pamphlets from him and put it back to the front of the bus.

JUSTICE SERVED! When I left the bus at my usual stop, I thanked him and told him that we needed more ass kicking Muni operators like him. He's not the usual driver I've known, but this is the first time I've been on the 18-46th Avenue since the May 8th cuts (I had jury duty, and drove to work the past few days).


My apologies to my RSS and e-mail subscribers for the empty blog posting called "Muni Driver Kicks." The keyboard is really sensitive and I hit the wrong keys to authorize a posting.

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