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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Update: Muni Service Changes Updated on 511 Trip Planner Only

With only three days until the service cuts to Muni, I've been putting on the pressure for Muni to post their time schedules and having the trip planning programs be updated in a timely manner. (Blog post #1 on April 22, and post #2 on May 2).

This morning, I found out the May 8th and beyond time schedules have been updated on 511.org's trip planner, a customizable transit planner that tells passengers the fastest route to the one with the least transfers.

Here's a sample:
511 - 18-46th Avenue Muni (Post 5/8 service changes)

The information I input into the trip planner:
  • Starting point: 33rd Avenue and Geary
  • Ending point: Lake Merced and Font
  • Date of travel: Monday, May 10, 2010
  • Start time of travel: 7:45 AM
The results as shown in the white box on the right shows the revised time schedule of 20 minute frequencies during weekday morning rush service:
  1. 7:58 AM
  2. 8:18 AM
  3. 8:38 AM
  4. 8:58 AM
Prior to May 8th's service changes, the 18-46th Avenue operated every 15 minutes during weekday morning rush service:
  1. 7:57 AM
  2. 8:12 AM
  3. 8:27 AM
  4. 8:42 AM
To compare the frequencies of the 18-46th Avenue and other lines prior to the May 8th changes and after, click here.

Although this is a start, 511 still has a responsibility to post the entire full bus/train schedules for Muni. The trip planner helps, but sometimes you may have to stay later at work or leave earlier than planned and the full time schedule helps a lot. Google Maps will not help plan transit service for users who choose a departure date of May 8th and beyond.

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