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Monday, January 10, 2011

PSA: Don't Illegally Dump Christmas Trees & How to Legally get Rid of It

Since the holidays are way over, it's time to put that fresh cut Christmas tree away.

Unfortunately, there are some San Francisco residents who think it's OK to dump their tree on the corner or leave it next to some random trash dumpster (that's not their own) and assume someone is going to pick it up. The worst one I've seen is a tree dumped in the median of Great Highway, directly across from the Beach Chalet. Remember, dumping your holiday tree inappropriately can be considered illegal dumping, it's against the law, and will cost more as the city has to pick it up, not the city's garbage pickup company.

But there's an easy solution, and you don't have to shove it in your compost bin.

Recology will be picking up trees this week during your normal trash/recycling/compost pickup day. All you need to do is leave your tree next to your bins and they will do the rest. There are some basic rules to follow: No flocked trees, lights, plastic bags, and stands must be removed. If the tree is more than six feet tall, Recology is asking customers to cut it in half.

If you don't get your tree taken away this week, you'll have the fun job of breaking it apart and cramming it into your compost bin. So, take care of it now!

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