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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2.5 Hour Schedule Gap Between Muni 38L-Geary Limited and 38-Geary Service

If you ride Muni's 38-Geary lines, including the 38L-Geary Limited, you could be standing at a bus passenger shelter for up to 2.5 hours waiting for the next vehicle.

For those who ride the 38-Geary Limited or 38-Geary (local stops) inbound from the 48th & Point Lobos terminal stop on Saturdays, there's a 2.5 hour gap from when the last 38L departs and the first 38 (regular bus) begins.

Here's the Saturday schedule:
The last 38L-Geary Limited leaves 48th & Point Lobos at: 5:37PM.
The next vehicle to leave 48th & Point Lobos would be a 38-Geary bus starting at 8:02PM.
See schedules from 511: 38L inbound Saturday, and 38 inbound Saturday.

UPDATE 1/24: Schedules have been updated with coverage during the 2.5 hour gap. Read here.


Some could argue that passengers waiting at 48th Avenue could walk to 42nd Avenue to meet-up with the 38-Geary buses that departed from Fort Miley/VA Hospital, but the tourists don't know about that.

Many tourists wanting to visit the Cliff House and Lands End on a Saturday takes the 38L-Geary Limited to the end of the line (48th & Point Lobos), and expect a bus to arrive at that same location for their return trip back to their hotels in downtown. But... for those who arrive at the bus stop for the next vehicle back to downtown starting at 5:37 will be waiting until 8:02 for the next one due to a huge gap in the Muni schedule.

Sometimes I see a handful of people between those two times just sitting there and waiting for the next vehicle. I kinda feel sorry for them that there's no bus that's going to take them toward downtown with such a huge gap in service. The walk between 48th and 42nd Avenues is a little hilly but very pleasant, but for those with disabilities, it could prove too difficult to walk the six blocks.


I have to wonder, what was Muni thinking by leaving a 2.5 hour gap in service? They can't take the 18-46th Avenue bus as an alternative to reach either 42nd and Geary or the Ocean Beach terminal at LaPlaya & Cabrillo (the former terminal of the 38-Geary line) anymore because the route going around the Cliff House was eliminated over a year ago.

I would suggest Muni should at least do one of two things: Start 38-Geary Saturday inbound service earlier from 48th Avenue, or force drivers dropping off the remaining outbound passengers between 5:37PM and 8:02PM to pick those passengers up and at least drop them off at 42nd & Geary for an opportunity to catch the 38-Geary inbound coming from VA Hospital.

Sorry for all the edits. I published it prematurely, so you e-mail and RSS subscribers may have noticed a blank post, and I also changed the title of the post three times.


@makfan said...

I just got a MUNI alert about this, but I read it here first!


Yes, they do tell you to make your way to Geary and 42nd. Ugly.

Akit said...

I'm wondering if they posted a notice at the shelter.