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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Muni Quietly Confirms Delay of Youth & Senior Passes to Clipper

After a couple of days since my previous post about Clipper officials mentioning of a delay in the mandatory paper pass to Clipper card transition of all youth and senior Muni passes, it is now confirmed by Muni.

Muni has quietly updated their website with the following information:

"May 2011 is the last month for the paper version of the Senior and Youth pass."

Unfortunately, city government bureaucrats don't do their jobs very well because they didn't cover all their bases. The SFMTA's "Passes, etc." section of their site still says:

"You may also buy a paper Senior Pass at your nearest
neighborhood store through the January 2011 pass."

Also, wouldn't it have been nice if the SFMTA published a press release to inform the local news media, do a 511 alert, and other social media networks to spread the word? I wonder how many Muni paper pass vendors even know they are still allowed to sell paper passes until the last one issued for the month of May?

Geesh, I should have been hired to do media relations for Muni and Clipper.

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