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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Adding Clipper Card Value at BART Ticketing Machines: Trial Run Until Friday

Curse you BART ticketing machines for not being able to add Clipper card value!

But wait... I told you before BART will be having that ability soon, and there's some great news from the agency:

Starting today to Friday, you can now try out select machines to test at two BART stations in San Francisco.

The two stations: Glen Park & Civic Center.

Testing hours: This Wednesday from 1:30PM to 7PM, and Thursday & Friday from 7AM to 7PM.

There will only be one machine at each station that will handle the Clipper transactions for this test phase. BART engineers will be on-hand to see how it's going, and if you can't find the machine, ask the station agent.

If you want to add with a debit/credit card, you can only do so at Glen Park. Cash will be accepted at both stations. If you pay with cash, you can get a maximum of $4.95 in change (e.g. I want $18 in value, but feed a $20, I'll get back $2).

This is only a test of the machines, and if everything goes well, roll-out on the BART system will happen gradually for the next few months. Please remember, these machines don't issue new cards, you must have a card in possession to participate in this trial.

For more info, click here for BART's press release.


Raymond said...

The passenger bulletin says that it should be posted until February 28. Is that a typo on their end?

Akit said...

I'm not sure. Maybe.

Dori said...

Can you clarify what exactly is special about these machines? I thought those red machines at Powell BART (my usual SF stop) put money on Clipper cards. I generally go to Walgreens so I can use my American Express, so I'm not entirely clear.


Akit said...

The "red machines" at Powell are Muni's machines (owned by SFMTA). They can handle Clipper add value transactions and issue Muni metro fare media.

BART is trying to get their ticketing machines to also be able to add value.

Anonymous said...

Tried the BART AVM at Civic Center yesterday. They are CONSIDERABLY faster than the Muni AVMs.

Akit said...

Good to hear. Probably because people don't have to punch so many buttons to get what they want, unlike Muni's interface.