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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Naming the New 49ers Stadium - My Nomination Won!

If you read that blog entry title, you might have noticed I won the naming of the future 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara. Well... that's half-true. In fact, it was a hypothetical name that I suggested.

Last Wednesday, SFGate's 'City Insider' asked their commentators for their ideas to name the future 49ers Stadium in Santa Clara. Many suggested names that identifies how they feel about the team, such as making fun of the Yorks, to mentioning about the tech sector.

I said to myself, hell, why not take a punch at some fun names. I suggested:
  1. Candlestick II (the roman numeral signifies two middle fingers)
  2. SuperMegaTaxpayerDollarWaste Stadium
It turned out, suggestion number two got on the ballot and it was active over the weekend for everyone to vote.

Here was the choices SFGate posted for voting:
  1. SuperMegaTaxpayerDollarWaste Stadium
  2. York's Sports Suckplex
  3. Fool's Gold Field
  4. iPark
  5. San Francisco 49ers of Anaheim Stadium
  6. Field of Schemes
  7. Field of Dashed Hopes and Broken Dreams
  8. York's Dorks
  9. "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Stadium
  10. Mike "I Want Winners" Singletary Memorial Field
The results (posted here) says, my nomination actually won! I had the most first place votes (250) and the most overall votes (562).

Yeah yeah... like the Niners are really going to pick my name. Maybe York is laughing his ass off right now saying... "It's all private funds! (Cough!)"

(Regarding the photo: Can Crazy Crab be a co-mascot for the 49ers?)

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