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Friday, April 15, 2011

Come on Down to the SF Cherry Blossom Festival This Weekend - Maybe Meet Akit In Person!

This weekend is the second weekend of the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco's Japantown. If you went to last weekend's, you'll notice this weekend will be more crowded and more popular...

Why? The big parade is this Sunday afternoon with approximately 45 groups marching in the parade from Civic Center to the heart of Japantown. Don't forget the Taru Mikoshi which is the exciting climax of the parade when 100 individuals carry a huge portable shrine down Post Street.

But as always, my personal favorite part of the festival is all the great food! Who can resist all the tasty temptations? There's so much for everyone's tastebuds: Japanese beer, shaved ice, udon noodle bowls, riblets, spam musubi, and the famous Teriburgers (there's plenty more than this short list).

Don't forget, all the food booths are for great causes. No, you are not feeding money into some for-profit company; each booth supports a great community non-profit organization, including childcare centers, senior services, cultural programs, Boy Scouting, churches, and for earthquake relief to those affected in Japan. To make it even sweeter, all the people working the booths are volunteers, including some of my family friends who have done it for over 30 and sometimes 40+ years.

Want to meet me at the festival? I'll be volunteering in the food booth area on both days for my favorite organization, Kimochi.

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