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Monday, April 25, 2011

An Open Letter to Muni's Union

Dear Muni's union,

Bite me, yeah you heard me correctly, bite me. You want to strike? I dare you to.

I'm shaking in fear... (sarcasm!)

Why am I encouraging you to strike? Because us citizens will live without Muni for a long time. We can sustain ourselves by organizing our own casual carpools, and jitney buses will magically pop-up and offer cheaper fares to ride to and from major points of interest.

We have a bad economy, and you want to strike? Gees, so grumpy about your pay and benefits? Be happy you even have a job in this crappy economy. I'm lucky I survived a furlough program where I lost 10.7% of my pay.

Here's a box of diapers, you'd better wear it because you'll be shitting in your pants in no time.

Akit (and most of the rest of the city)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Akit,

Thank you for the valuable information that you provide for us residents of SF. I was revisiting your blog this afternoon to share some frustrations about Muni and saw this post. You hit the nail right on the head and accurately represent my opinions. I don't have the time or space to detail the increase in incidents that have been happening on my daily L train commute from the Avenues to Powell. I will make a long story short and let you know that after 8 yrs of riding MUNI underground every work day, I am no longer doing it and now take the 23 to Glen Park and Bart in. It is so much less of a hassle and BART's efficiency really only makes MUNI's inefficiencies that much more apparent. It really does have a dramatic effect on your life, not having MUNI representatives yelling at you (literally) after being kicked off multiple trains at rush hour (or whatever the problem of the hour is), all while demanding higher pay.

So thank you again for the information and though I am not fully informed on MUNI contract negotiations, I do sometimes wish they would strike, to make the people of SF realize they aren't so dependent on MUNI. There are other commute options and even if they take 5-10 minutes longer, it is sure worth not dealing with MUNI's non-existent customer service.