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Friday, April 22, 2011

SFMTA's SFpark App - Low Memory Warning? Yeah, it SUCKS


I know you are all so happy about the SFpark program that your super boss, Nat Ford decided to attend the ceremonies to this new program while skipping on the Caltrain Board meeting.

I'd hate (love) to tell you, your new SFpark app just sucks.

Why in the hell do I keep getting this message saying I have a "low memory warning" and you throw me into a useless "light weight view" where I can't even see block by block what parking is available and the cost of parking?

I don't have low memory in my iPod, you fools. I have some games that uses tons more memory than this lame SFpark app, such as a 3D game where I hit home runs (and drains my battery).

Seriously, fix the damn app. Fix the low memory error by jacking-up the tolerance level.

Respectfully (and pissed off),

P.S. Muni still sucks. Someone caught another incident of a train door wide open in the subway.

1 comment:

Ross M said...

for those with an android phone you can check out:
SF Park

given that i've put all of 2-3 hours the past two evenings in to it (very beta, but works for me,) i can't promise it won't crash, but i'll guarantee it won't give you an out of memory error. :-)

i've started playing around with the map view, but for now you get a list of blocks sorted by distance from your current location.

fwiw, the sf park web-service is as sub-par as the app, most of my effort was spent homogenizing and making sense the data it returns.