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Saturday, June 11, 2011

An Awesome Week for Akit

This has to be one of the best weeks for me in a long time.

The Bus Incident
On Wednesday at the Complaint Department, I was able to snap a couple of photos of a Muni bus that got stuck on top of a huge rock that was situated in the roundabout (traffic circle) at SF State. One of my fellow office co-workers said, "Akit, get your camera and get outside!" I did and I was laughing my ass off and telling my other co-workers at an all-staff meeting later that day.

I took the shots of the side of the bus and it being towed, but a big credit goes to my co-worker, Ryan, who snapped the best photo showing where the rock damaged the bus.

The incident was featured on SFist and SF Appeal within an hour of me posting the photos on Twitter and Flickr.

To make it even more amusing, my co-worker who snapped the best photo also posted it on Fail Blog and because it was such a great photo, it was featured on their main page where tens of thousands visit every single day. It's titled: "Training Fail." I can't believe there were some commentators who knew where that accident was located. That made my day even better on Friday at work. The next day, the Fail Blog post was mentioned on Muni Diaries.

Akit on the Scoreboard?
The photo featured on this blog post was at the Giants game on Friday the 10th. During a break in the second inning, there was a question on the board and the person who tweets the right answer first, gets to be on the "Tron" later that night.

I took a punch and quickly asked some people around me to confirm the answer, and it was correct and was the first to answer! I was featured on a @SFGiants tweet with my photo taken too.

A member of the Orange and Black Attack asked me to wear the Giants eye black and after the end of the 7th inning, I was on the big screen! Unfortunately, an old friend who sat next to me, forgot to snap a photo of me on the screen. Anyone have a shot of it?

I hope you had or will have a great week too. Take care!

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