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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dreams Do Come True! Muni Gets Major Ass Kicking

Nat Ford, CEO SFMTA (Parody3)
I dreamed of the day when the real owners of Muni kicks some serious ass...

It was really cool when the arbitrator kicked the Muni's drivers union's butt by forcing them to take the contract.

But it made it five million times sweeter with this news...

NAT FORD IS QUITTING! (Sources: Chronicle and Examiner)


I wonder if the training bus accident photos also contributed to Nat Ford quitting his job? Or maybe it was my parody letter to the Washington D.C. Airport Authority?

It's time to celebrate! We should have a big public party to say, "Muni's reign of terror is over! The people have spoken!"


Andy said...

Despite being stuipd, what's so bad about Nat Ford?

Akit said...

Your spelling?

Anonymous said...


Now that Nat Ford has stepped down, who do you think should take his place?

Akit said...

Anyone who is not the mayor's puppet. Ford was Newsom's puppet.

Anonymous said...

Is MUNI still paying him the fat bonus?

Akit said...

From the looks of it, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Looks like SFMTA did not have to pay the golden parachute, but they are doing so to possibly avoid litigation. SFMTA board will be voting on the severance package this week.

Source: http://www.baycitizen.org/transportation/story/sf-legally-required-pay-nat-ford/

Anonymous said...

SFMTA board approved the $384000 golden parachute for Nat Ford in Tuesday's meeting.