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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Nat Ford and Temporary SFMTA Chief Debra Johnson

(Parody Photo) Nat Ford, CEO SFMTA

Dear Nat Ford,

Today is your last day in office. Feeling good about getting out of your job? I think everyone else in this city will feel even better than you because the reign of Ford is ending.

I feel I speak for everyone when I say, bye bye and go away. We Muni passengers have suffered a lot with a system in shambles, major delays, a way too predictable delays on the metro system, and unions so out of control that it took voters to finally kick them in the ass (thanks Proposition G).

Oh, and don't forget CultureBus, San Francisco's famous taxpayer waste project. Let's not also forget the Central Subway project, in which some has called it the "Rose Pak subway."

So long! If you are going to stick around SF for a while, why not ride Muni on a daily basis and pay the jacked-up price of $62 a month that starts tomorrow?

Akit & the fed-up citizens of San Francisco who is ready to party when you leave office at 5PM


Who is replacing Nat Ford? It's Debra Johnson, the head of the taxicab and accessibility department of the SFMTA. Here's a letter for her:

Dear Interim SFMTA Chief Debra Johnson,

This is not the job for you. The taxicab commission is in turmoil with cab drivers pretty upset about the 5% credit card fees and being one of the most extremely regulated and expensive places to ride a cab in this city.

I remember talking to a cab driver in Las Vegas and he said that while Vegas is very regulated, he thought our city was outright nuts.

Basically, if you can't keep good control and keep the cabbies happy, how are you going to handle the additional responsibilities of being the super boss of Muni and the Department of Parking & Traffic?

Fix the taxicab problem first, then take a shot at being the boss of the conglomerate. If you are going to stick around and be the boss of the SFMTA for a while, remember to not be a puppet of the mayor; you serve the citizens of this fine city and when we detect bullshit, we point fingers at the mega boss.

Akit & many others worried the SFMTA will never lower Muni pass prices

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