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Monday, January 30, 2012

Clipper Customer Service Desk - Long Waits & Faster Alternate Methods Nearby

Clipper Customer Service Line

On Saturday, I burned some time in downtown and stopped at the Embarcadero station to hop on the California Cable car. When I got to the top of the escalator at the mezzanine level, I noticed a huge line at the Clipper customer service desk.

I had to scratch my head at the huge line and said to myself, "dang, that's the line?"

I also quietly laughed because I just handled a purchase to my Clipper card in just under a minute, and it's only a few feet away from the booth.

The Clipper Customer Service Desk
They are used for customers who wants to add value and passes to their card, apply for youth and senior cards, have questions about Clipper, replacing lost/stolen cards, and fix any problems with their account.

I did notice a few with paperwork in hand to apply for specialized youth & senior Clipper cards, but a handful looked like they were in line to purchase their monthly transit passes since the new month is just a few days away.

For those of you purchasing passes or needing to add Clipper e-cash value, there's an easy way to do it... go to the self-service automated machines within the Embarcadero station! There's even a banner over the Muni ticketing machines and the third party sales booth behind the line describing what Clipper services they can do (the third party booth was closed that day).

The automated machines can do...

Muni - Purchase e-transit passes and e-ridebooks for ALL participating agencies, and add e-cash (minimum of $5). Accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, and commuter benefit cards.

BART - Add Clipper e-cash only (minimum of 5 cents). Accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards, and commuter benefit cards.

If you carry transit benefit checks (vouchers), you still have to claim it at the customer service desk, or you can go upstairs to the Walgreens.

So, don't suffer in line if you need to buy a pass or add e-cash! All Muni underground stations can get you what you need (if only e-cash, use ANY BART station).

1 comment:

Tony said...

When there were still paper passes, I still remembered the long line at Montgomery Station booth. After that was closed, there's a long line waiting "forever" under the "FOREVER 21" sign, Powell cable car booth.

Safeway and other vendors, so much better.

Now that we have Clipper, we see a long line as pictured.

Walgreens, barely see a line for Clipper. People, many Walgreens are holding big signs saying "Clipper sold here"! In fact, Walgreens is everywhere!

For commuter check card, go to the machines. For vouchers, go to Walgreens. For cash, the choice is yours. For those very patient waiting in line, the precious time wasted, is yours.