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Saturday, February 17, 2007

KRON 4 - A Nightmare on TV

Let's start with a hot iron and burn some folks...


I HATE KRON4 (a.k.a. KRON channel 4 in San Francisco). Why? First of all, their news broadcasts suck big time ever since they lost their NBC affiliation and KNTV snatched it away.

(Yep, KNTV sucks too because they did not give free bunny ear (over the air) broadcasting for at least two years to a majority of San Francisco and the North Bay, just a great way to get Comcast to yank $20 a month just so us idiots can watch ER). Ha-ha, Terilyn Joe got fired for (allegedly) throwing tomatoes and veggies at a guy on a ladder trimming a tree.

So why does KRON's news broadcasts suck? Here's one thing, they use VJ's, their cheap method of getting the news and broadcasting it. They don't have two man crews out there, one person filming and editing while the other speaking in the mic. They now have a one man crew that does all the taping, voice over, typing, and editing. PLUS, THE QUALITY SUCKS! I always wondered why Vic Lee jumped ship while the rats were fleeing and went to KGO/ABC 7 news.

Here's another reason why I hate KRON news broadcasts, they don't use SPELL CHECK! One VJ did a news story about the three year anniversary of when San Francisco's City Hall granted licenses to gay and lesbian couples. He then puts a quotation of text on the screen and misspells the word: "because" and the screen says "becaus." Um, WHERE IS THE "E?"

I'm a graduate school student, do you really expect me to not spell correctly and pass with flying colors?

Here's one for that DUMMY ROB BLACK. You SUCK! I WANT TO WATCH THE 4PM NEWS, NOT YOUR LOUSY ADVICE ON HOW TO GET RICH FOR 25 TORTUROUS MINUTES. Hell, your guests on your stupid program have better advice than your stupid B.S. Can Rob Black do the weather and sports update? I think not! I would not mind doing a crank call on his show!

Here's another: who their right mind watches those "My network TV" programs? Like I want to watch some stupid program called "Watch Over Me." Watch over this! Me taking a nap on my bed.

Hail to Gary Radnich! Good for you to walk off the set during a live broadcast, especially when learning that KRON's ratings is in the toilet.

BRING BACK BAY-TV'S TAKE ISSUE on KRON! That was a great call-in show with major politicians, celebrities, and others talking about the important local issues that affect us every day. I called in several times for some very important issues. Did you know that Bay-TV was the local cable channel for KRON?

Also, where's Wendy Tokuda? Let's bring her back to KPIX and bring back good ol' Dave!

Let's summarize my rants:
Local San Francisco news broadcasts, from best to worst:
KTVU (the best)
KRON (dead last)

Radnich rules, I want my Take Issue, and Send Wendy to KPIX!


Anonymous said...

Yes KRON 4 Sucks.......!!!!!!!!!

Pam Oliver....eat a hamburger or something..please tell me you are retiring soon? people like to see a pretty face.

Rob Black.....if you know so much about the markets and making money..why don't you buy a nice suit?

Who is that reject cool guy wankster weatherman.....get a friggin haircut and dont act so hard... you're a friggin WEATHERMAN!


If you do not know the difference between Wakeboarding and Snowboarding... get the heck out!

And buy the way..its been 13 years since the Warriors have been in the playoffs, not 12 you idiot!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Someone please find out if Gary Radnich is an alcoholic. This man has gained so much weight and his neck and face is so red and swollen, I know this guy is throwing them back at an alarming rate!


Anonymous said...

I must say that all local news productions are pretty pathetic. Sensationalizing all the tragedies that have occurred in the bay area, the south bay, the west, and the rest of the world. And then of course there's plenty of superfluous fluff to take up air time too. Same goes for the substandard network news. Don't even get me started with cable news.... About the only choice for relevant news without the fluff is the BBC World News Hour.

Patrick Gannon said...

I absolutely agree! I really wanted to find a place to voice out my gripe with KRON 4 news for the past 5 years. KRON 4 morning news has got to be the crappiest, worser than amateur news on Bay Area TV waves. Their quality sucks big time where they look like they get their news sources from the Internet and from callers, re-broadcasting youtube videos. Let's not forget the very frequent weather and traffic reports that occur less than 5 minutes each. This tells me KRON4 has no news to tell.