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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My 100th Posting & Was Featured on SFist

I can't believe that this is my 100th posting on my blog since I started just a couple of years ago. I bailed on the website concept and started blogging because it was easier to update and manage.

Just to make things a little sweeter, I was also featured today on San Francisco's most popular news blog site, SFist (the blog sister of Jen Chung's original creation known as Gothamist). They featured my previous posting about my creative slogans I've made about local San Francisco Bay Area cities and people on SFist posted their ideas of other slogans.

It's odd they would title it: "We Know You Can Kick Akit's Ass" but I give them credit for saying that I'm a "local fave." I don't even really know who reads this blog site! Please comment so I know who is frequently (or even infrequently) reading my "complaint" material.

My favorite quote I found from SFist about my fun list:
Daly City: "It's only foggy due to the large per capita ownership of rice cookers per person." Thanks SFist member Dick Powell.

I love SFist! The articles/postings is always interesting to read, and commenting on the stories is always fun. I especially loved the articles targeting ex-supervisor Ed Jew ("Oh No, Ed Jew!").

Thank you SFist! Because of you guys, I received 333 hits in just one day. This is the biggest record in one day's worth of visits to my site. Ever since February 2007, I've recieved 13,037 visits.

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