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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

MyGallons Refunds Membership Fees

If you have been watching the news, MyGallons.com is the new product that lets you prepay for gallons of gas and lets you take advantage of big savings if gas prices goes up at the pump.

Well... MyGallons has been facing some bumpy roads. Within the first couple of days of public rollout, their main charge card processor backed out, and has been in limbo for nearly a couple of weeks.

Well... this fresh new e-mail just showed-up in my e-mail box:
Dear MyGallons Member,

We developed the MyGallons program because, like you, we wanted to help
solve the problems caused by the rising price of gasoline. We are proud
of what we created and look forward to providing you with this innovative
service in the very near future.

Due to difficulties with a key supplier, we are unable to deliver the
service we promised to you at this time. We apologize for the delay.
You will be receiving a refund on your credit card for 100% of the
membership fees that you have previously paid.

To express our sincere thanks for your loyalty and support, once we
secure a new payment network, you will enjoy the benefits of the MyGallons
program free of membership charges for your first year.

Rest assured, we are working diligently to secure a relationship with a
new national card processing company. We will keep you updated every step
of the way as we overcome the challenges we face together.


Steven Verona
Founder and CEO
MyGallons LLC

It's a little nice that they are giving back my membership cost and a free year of service when things get restored. I hope for the best for the company.

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