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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My List of City Slogans of the San Francisco Bay Area

The Chronicle did a funny article about odd slogans that is used around the SF Bay Area. For example, San Francisco: "The city that knows how."

So here's my list of local Bay Area cities. If you don't understand what it means, you don't read the news or live in the Bay Area:
  • San Francisco: ""Home" of disgraced ex-supervisor Ed Jew."
  • San Francisco: "Muni sucks."
  • San Francisco: "Blaming problems on the Mayor on a daily basis."
  • San Francisco: "We've got bums."
  • San Francisco: "Locals hate tourists. Get off the Cable Car and don't visit Pier 39."
  • Berkeley: "Smokin' weed and the know it all Cal students sleeping in trees."
  • Burlingame: "That's our international airport! Why did San Francisco claim it?"
  • Oakland: "Who the hell is Mayor Ron Dellums?"
  • Oakland: "Birthplace of Kaiser Permanente, damn that's creepy."
  • San Jose: "Kickin' San Francisco's butt on a daily basis."
  • San Jose: "Home of silicone valleys... we do boob jobs instead of making computer chips these days."
  • Daly City: "We still use plastic bags and styrofoam boxes."
  • Daly City: "Lower sales tax rate and we've got TARGET!"
  • Sausalito: "Small town, expensive toll bridge nearby."
  • Milpitas: "Outlet shopping galore."
  • Emeryville: "Sold out to IKEA."

1 comment:

Lu said...

just for the record.. the airport is san bruno's ;) burlingame doesn't have to deal with the all-day deafening plane thunder like we do in san boo!