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Friday, May 22, 2009

SF State Commencement 2009 Helpful Tips

Are you planning to attend Commencement tomorrow at SF State University? It's time for some helpful tips from this two time graduate (M.A. and B.A.).

In General:
  • 2009 is a special year, especially for you locals who want to see a baseball legend; WILLIE MAYS!
  • 8,515 degrees will be awarded, another record for the university.
  • Come to campus really early. All campus food venues are open for breakfast.
  • If you park, do come early. The campus garage will fill-up.
  • Take public transportation if it is possible. The 18-46th Avenue, 17-ParkMerced, 28-19th Avenue, 29-Sunset, and M-Ocean View serves the campus. Samtrans passengers should take the 122 bus.
  • Tickets are required to attend. No ticket? Go online and watch the program.
  • Traffic will be a mess for a couple of hours after the event. If you drive, be prepared for delays and have alternate routes planned.

Graduating Students:
You have your purple cap and gown... so what happens?
  • Assuming the fog comes in tomorrow morning: Ladies, it is not recommended to wear high heels due to the grass on the field.
  • Tennis shoes works perfectly fine for everyone, and the official photographers don't shoot below your knees.
  • There's a decent amount of walking involved and that includes the field grass.
  • You'll sit for a good few hours, so bring along a bottle of water. In 2006, the TV media filmed a graduate playing with his PSP.
  • Some have left in the middle of the program and brought back a pizza or two.
  • Bring your camera! It may be the last time you'll see your friends.
  • When lining up, if you want to sit next to your friends or colleagues, remember to line up next to each other.
  • Leis and other flowers are sold around various parts of campus. Check Costco for flowers too.
Parents and visitors:
  • Bring a seat cushion with you. Stadium seating is on wooden benches or plastic folding chairs. Extra cushions are typically sold at the campus bookstore.
  • If you don't have a ticket, try the campus bookstore's wait list.
  • Be prepared for cold and warm weather. If the sun breaks out over Cox Stadium, the temperature will rise sharply.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • Vendors around the stadium will sell beverages. Food and drink are available at nearby established locations, including the Student Center.
  • It will be a huge sea of purple out there, so trying to locate your graduate will be tough. Set-up a meeting spot before you split-up for the day.
It's a big day! Are you ready? Just smile and enjoy this moment forever.

1 comment:

sfsmskater said...

Traffic around the area was terrible. I hope the M line 2 car trains helped