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Thursday, October 28, 2010

SamTrans to Officially Accept Clipper on February 14, 2011

SamTrans and VTA are the next two transit agencies preparing to accept Clipper and join the consortium of other major transit agencies in the Bay Area to have a one card system.

On November 3rd, the Citizens Advisory Committee for SamTrans will be approving their minutes of their previous meeting on October 6, 2010.

The minutes for the October meeting mentions a MTC/Clipper representative was present to provide a statement about the upcoming addition of Clipper to SamTrans and answer questions from the committee.

Here's the key dates for the inclusion of Clipper for public use:
  • Soft launch will start December 15th.
  • Hard launch will start February 14th.
The representative also mentioned, nearly all fare media will be available through Clipper; this includes e-cash, passes (adult, youth, and other eligible), and inter agency passes and transfers (e.g. Caltrain 2-zone or greater passes). Tokens and Redi-Wheels will not change.

Isn't that great? Clipper accepted on Valentines day. Bring your partner for a heartwarming ride around San Mateo County on the blue card that makes it easy. Don't forget roses!


troymccluresf said...

"Soft launch will start December 15th."

Interesting. I've Translinked onto a SamTrans bus before. Quite some time ago, too.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't been to a Caltrain station recently, there are flyers announcing that January 2011 will be the last month for paper monthly passes and 8-rides.

They mention that VTA will accept Clipper in "early 2011" - I guess we'll see if VTA takes Clipper by Feb. 2011, otherwise there'll be some unhappy folks who can't use the two zone Caltrain transfer.

Anonymous said...

re: Clipper inter-agency passes. So this is sort of good news (if not an alternative) for some riders used to using the Bart Plus flash pass, right?

Akit said...

Anonymous: Can you clarify your question?

Clipper is not having their own inter-agency passes, they are just honoring the existing agreements between transit agencies when they are or were using paper passes.

Anonymous said...

Oh okay, my bad. I thought it's Clipper that'll have inter-agency pass. If Muni will stop accepting Bart Plus flash pass (I'm dead) then it won't be good for me. But it's a different topic.