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Friday, October 22, 2010

Caltrain Passengers with Clipper Can Now Buy Monthly Parking & Muni Passes

If you ride Caltrain and have a monthly or 8-ride loaded on your Clipper card, a new announcement from the folks at Clipper says it is possible to purchase a monthly parking permit through one of the self service ticketing machines. For those who have monthly Caltrain e-passes, it is now possible to purchase the Muni "sticker" from the Clipper program.


For parking, the process is as followed: A passenger must have a loaded monthly or 8-ride on their Clipper card & account, use the self service ticketing machine and follow the steps to purchase the monthly permit. The passenger must input their Clipper card's serial number during the transaction and will be verified by Clipper so the permit can be purchased. Payment methods accepted: Cash, credit, debit, and commuter benefit debit cards.

The old policy, shown on the brochure stated anyone that uses the parking permit program must still buy the old fashioned way with a paper monthly pass and getting their permit in the same transaction.


If you ride Caltrain and Muni on a regular basis, the inter agency benefit is Caltrain paper monthly pass users can purchase a Muni monthly pass sticker for just $55. Clipper has joined the bandwagon by allowing those with monthly Caltrain passes to purchase the combo package, but instead of a sticker, it will be electronically added to the user's card. The purchasing of the combo package should be done through the usual means: in-person vendor, online, phone, and Clipper automated vending machines.


Lastly, some other updates on Clipper and Caltrain:
  1. Eventually, the add value machines Clipper yanked out of the Muni metro stations will need to be installed at stations since the Caltrain ticketing machines are not likely to be upgraded to handle Clipper add value transactions.
  2. Inter agency transferring for Caltrain passengers with Clipper cards and at least a two zone or more pass still cannot get free rides on VTA and Samtrans . Until VTA and Samtrans are accepting Clipper, stick with the paper passes for now.


Anonymous said...

Any word on clipper and caltrain daily parking passes? we ride Caltrain irregularly to go to Giants games, and since we got clipper cards, the bottleneck at the station is always paying for parking...

Akit said...

Nope, no word on that. Only monthly passes at this time.

Claude said...

I looked at one of the old machines and was I correct that you had to add at least $20 to use a credit or debit card? That's ridiculous.

The new Muni machines are annoying in a different way. You have to chose one of their pre-set options including $2, $5, $10, etc. Why does a system that costs $2 allow you to add $5 which leaves you with half a fare? Why can't you just add or subtract a dollar like BART machines?

James Kasyan said...

Any word on being able to pay for the monthly parking for your clipper card WITH your clipper card?

I get commuter checks and can't figure how to use them to pay for the monthly parking. I think my only option is to go to the caltrain HQ in San Carlos?

Akit said...

Unlike BART, it's not possible to use your Clipper card to pay for monthly parking.

Your better bet is to see if you can get your transit/parking vouchers on a special debit card. Commuter Check has a green card for transit and a blue card for parking.

By getting the card, you can pay for monthly parking at a TVM.