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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Clipper Card Gets People to SF Giants Parade Today - Who's Laughing Now?

For the past few days, people have been posting their anger on Twitter against Muni and Clipper for the mandatory conversion of the "A" adult paper passes to Clipper only. But there's also the usual anger from other people saying it doesn't work on BART, Caltrain, and other agencies.

Here's some of the Twitter anger: Tweet #1, tweet #2, tweet #3, tweet #4, and tweet #5.

Well, today is the big SF Giants parade in celebration of their World Series victory, thousands are packing mass transit with longer trains on BART, extra ferries on Golden Gate Ferry, and lines everywhere for train and ferry tickets.

For those who says "Clipper sucks," who's laughing now?
Using the card is like the express line, no feeding bills into the farebox, you can enter the rear doors of Muni metro, no waiting for BART tickets, and speed through the line at the Golden Gate Ferry!

Here's some of the positive feedback for today's "who's laughing now?"
Tweet #1, tweet #2, tweet #3, tweet #4, tweet #5, tweet #6, and tweet #7.

If you don't have a Clipper card, why not get one? Visit your retailer and read my expert guide about Clipper.

Lastly, congrats to our hometown heroes, the San Francisco Giants! Goooooo Giants! Sing it Tony Bennett!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Akit. Too many folks [luddites] out there who just don't get it, thanks for your reporting

Joel Penner said...

Actually, on the Caltrain that morning they ended up just letting everyone ride for free since the lines were choking things up too much

MiTEG said...

Same thing happened 4th of July this year. After the fireworks were over the Embarcadero station was a mess- they disabled cash payment at the muni gates.

It took me about 10 minutes to get down the stairs from Market St. A cop was standing at the unused fare gates. I showed him my Translink card, he let me through to use it. 45 seconds later I was headed outbound while everyone else had to wait in the ridiculous line.