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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Caltrain's Website Referring to My Blog?

Since I keep track of my blog stats on a daily basis, I noticed an odd referral link to my recent posting about people taking responsibility to use Caltrain properly with their Clipper card.

Who? It's Caltrain.

It's normal for me to find other bloggers and news sites referring to my material, but it's really rare and for a transit agency to do it. They linked it on their Clipper page.

I thought it was strange that Clipper reps on Facebook and Twitter was referring to my 72 hour article, but it's interesting to see that my work is being recognized by a public agency. Maybe I should be flattered Caltrain is referring to my blog post.

Maybe there's a future in public relations for me... just um, if I represented Caltrain and someone does something stupid, I'd be saying things like "that idiot shouldn't have run on the escalator" and "I pity the fool, who didn't pay their ticket." That's right, no sugar coating for me.

In more news, VTA will be joining Clipper next week on Wednesday. For you Caltrain monthly pass users with a minimum two zone coverage, this means you can ride local VTA routes all you want for free, and a partial fare credit for express buses. VTA produced three YouTube videos about using Clipper. Click here to see them.


Jeff said...

I think they may have just wanted a way to say "stop whining about clipper, it's your own damn fault" without actually saying it...

Unknown said...

Are there instructions somewhere on how to buy an 8 ride pass or a monthly pass? BART payment is obvious...pay as you go...how to do the more fancy stuff with Caltrain, I'm not sure.



Akit said...

Mary Sue:

Instructions to buy a pass and 8-rides are quite simple, visit an in-person retailer, use a self-service machine, or go to Clipper's website and make your purchase.

Info here:

Anonymous said...

It figures that Caltrain would rather blame its riders than fix its lousy system.