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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Clipper In-Person Customer Service Centers

Had one of those rough days with the Clipper card when you accidentally broke it? Don't want to wait a couple of weeks for a new senior or youth card? Want to purchase Clipper e-cash, e-passes, and e-tickets with a transit benefit voucher or debit card?

You are now in luck, Clipper opened-up two new in-person customer service centers.

I found out about this on Clipper's Facebook page when someone asked about where these service locations are, and I asked about what services they provide.

The Clipper rep said the the new locations are located:
  • One is at the Embarcadero station's mezzanine level (ticketing and faregate level), and the second one is at the Ferry Building's Bay Crossing booth. Both locations are now open.

The services they provide:
  1. Obtain a senior or youth Clipper card. You will need to complete an application and show proof of age. For youth who uses Clipper and needs monthly AC Transit passes, you need to register at AC Transit's ticketing office.
  2. Obtain an adult Clipper card. No application and proof of age required. But you may be required to add a minimum e-cash value to obtain a card.
  3. Replace damaged cards. This can only be done if your Clipper card is registered, in-hand with you, and not a youth card issued by AC Transit.
  4. Replace defective cards.
  5. Transfer card value from the classic TransLink card to a new Clipper Card.
  6. Add Clipper value to cards. They can also accept transit benefit vouchers and benefit debit cards.
  7. Get brochures about Clipper and its participating transit agencies.

A few items to point out about the service centers:
  • Like I mentioned earlier, if you are having problems with a youth card issued by AC Transit (it has a photo on it), these customer service locations can't help you.
  • They can't issue refunds. Contact customer service by phone.
  • They accept more forms of payment than in-person retailers and self-service machines, especially for those using commuter benefits.
  • For now, they cannot replace lost or stolen cards. They plan to make that service available in the future.
  • They can't issue or replace RTC disabled ID cards (with Clipper technology on the card). That service is handled by transit agency ticketing offices or a separate transit agency office.

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