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Monday, July 25, 2011

Stay Off The Yellow Strip! Stupid People on Sunday Who Risked their Lives

Muni Metro Sign Fail

When you ride any rail transit agency, you always know to stay behind the yellow line or edge of the platform.

Well... just yesterday, I saw two really dumb things happen.

My normal journey on a weekend to AT&T Park for a Giants game is to take BART at Daly City, and transfer to Muni metro at Powell. Let's learn what happened:

At Daly City BART's platform #1, a ten car train usually stops short of the platform and the driver has to manually adjust to move it to the end of the platform. Since the train stopped short and didn't line up with the black tiles (indicating it's a doorway), a bunch of girls decided to walk on the yellow safety strip, and the train just started to move. While they didn't get hurt, it just shows you shouldn't attempt to board a train car until the doors open.

At Powell Muni metro station, I was waiting for the next train to the ballpark, and just about 200 feet was a train approaching. I saw a college age woman standing on the yellow strip with her back facing the approaching train. She was waving her tote bag over the tracks and wanting to pose for a picture, and when the train was less than 100 feet away, I yelled at her to "get off the yellow strip!" because nobody else was doing shit to get her away from the fast approaching train. It was either, yell at the stupid woman, or if the operator was paying attention, hit the emergency stop button and sound the horn. She heard me and quickly moved away.

The Muni metro incident was much worse than the girls at the BART station. In the event nobody did anything, her head would have slammed into the metro operator's mirror that sticks out along the side of the train.

Sigh... safety, people!

1 comment:

Zach said...

I had one the other day at Folsom along the Embarcadero where a man exited the train, and instead of walking to the end of the platform like everyone else, he decided to jump off the edge and cross the tracks, right in front of our train which had just started to depart. The operator and I shared a good head shake at that one.