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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clipper & Muni Listens to Akit's Requests: Card Readers at AT&T Park

Clipper Card Readers at the Ballpark

Finally, Muni and Clipper has done something I've been asking for years to do, have Clipper card readers placed at the 2nd & King platform for the folks leaving AT&T Park to quickly pay for their ride so they can go home.

What Muni and Clipper has done is installed card two card readers onto a cart and is being powered with a small electrical generator. This means there's no need to fight for the Clipper card readers on the metro trains, and you just tag your card prior to even stepping onto the platform. I was hoping they would install readers on the ramp leading to the platform, but this substitute will work just fine.

The photo I took was at the north end of the platform nearest to the 2nd Street gate entrance/exit to the ballpark.

Dreams do come true! Thanks Muni & Clipper.


Anonymous said...

It'd help if muni was like caltrain and didn't require monthly pass holders to tag on for proof-of-payment routes/trips once the pass is loaded. It adds unnecessary hassle, and they don't tell you if you only need to tag once that day, or pretend you have a 90 min transfer, or tag on each trip regardless.

muni's fare inspector readers will say "no" if you haven't tagged on, though the fare inspector can pull up the details. Sometimes they gripe, but I rhink they should complain to sfmta/clipper rather than the riders.

Akit said...

One reason why it's necessary to tag your card is it helps muni know how many people boarded their vehicles. Instead of people estimating how many or having people ride all the Muni lines and count how many boards, they can use actual numbers to see if the money the feds and state is giving them is truly enough.

But, other than the metro, tagging a card regardless if there's a pass or not is always REQUIRED. Everyone boards through the front door and must prove to the driver they have a valid pass, e-cash, or e-transfer with the single beep.