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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Muni Operator Refuses Disabled Passenger to Board Bus - IT WAS ME

Life just bit me in the ass.
On my bad days, I had to wear an orthopedic boot.
Being injured is not fun.  I've been suffering with a foot injury which also causes ankle pain for about a month, and I have to use a cane and ankle brace on most occasions.

Just today, I was waiting for the 38L-Geary Limited going outbound from 20th Avenue and Geary, and here came bus number 6415 approaching the stop.

As I'm waiting on the curb, the bus doesn't even make an attempt to pull to the curb.  He lets the rear doors open to let passengers off and board, but he notices me standing at the front door as I had no choice but to walk ten feet to the bus.

I indicate to him that I want to board the bus.  He refuses to open the doors.  I even said to him that I am disabled and showed my walking cane to him.  Still refuses to board.

I was pissed.  He let others board the back, but refuses to let me in the front?  The bus may have been crowded, but the passengers getting off should have provided enough room for me to get a front seat for the disabled.

And to make matters worse, just before he was able to leave, he briefly opens the front doors, then shuts them.

I've never been so pissed-off at Muni as I am right now.  I've already filed an ADA complaint against them.  Just because I filed a complaint with Muni, odds are, the operator will not be punished.  So what better way than use my blog to further humiliate the driver and this agency.

Info to know:
Line: 38L-Geary Limited
Direction: Outbound to 48th Avenue & Pt. Lobos
Location of incident: 20th Avenue and Geary
Time: Approximately 2:00PM
Bus number: 6415
Operator: Male, Asian, mid age

On a final note, I boarded the next 38L-Geary Limited and behind me was a lady with a walker needing the wheelchair lift.  After I boarded and took a seat near the front, the person sitting on my left commented to the lady needing the wheelchair lift "you've got to be kidding me."  I wanted to slap that person; learn to keep your mouth shut if you don't have something nice to say.


Kristen from North Beach said...

Akit, Long time reader here, and I'm sorry this happened to you. I've been riding Muni buses to work every weekday for about 25 years, and I've given up all my small pet peeves to focus on my one pet peeve, the treatment of the disabled. I no longer care if people whack me carelessly with their backpacks, or spill coffee on me or sit down next to me and proceed to clip their toenails.

What I cannot tolerate any more is boarding the 10 or 12 every morning commuting from North Beach to SOMA, and watching elderly disabled people board and be forced to stand.

The front seats are invariably taken by affluent looking 20-somethings staring intently at their phones while ignoring 80 year olds with canes swaying desperately in front of them. It happens every single day now, and yes, I try to inttervene and shame these little turds into standing up, but they generally just continue to sit staring at their phones.

In your case it sounds like the driver was awful too, but in my experience the drivers are generally helpful, but the 20-something riders are just detestable. I've thought of starting a photoblog to shame these sad sacks, but they are incapable of shame. It's all about them.

Bibi in the Excelsior said...

Hi I'm a new reader and I just found your blog. Great reading for us hardcore MUNI riders! I had to comment about your entry on MUNI and the disabled. I did not understand it until it happened to me. I had a foot injury and was in a brace and I had to use a cane about 10 years ago. It seemed like I was always hobbling after busses just to have the door close in my face as I reached the door. I have to say some MUNI drivers were very helpful, most could give a sh*t about my infirmity and there were a few that were just downright sadistic. So I totally understand what you are talking about. I also filed a complaint and all I got was a letter telling me they received my complaint. BFD! Good luck with yours.