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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Akit is not happy: OutsideLands Releases 2009 Concert Dates (August 28-30)

Word from the local blogs (City Insider & SF Citizen) is the OutsideLands festival will hold their 2009 event from August 28-30, which means another three days of hell for the entire city.

So... will the city experience once again the agony of the following:
  1. Loud noise heard for miles?
  2. Sardine packed Muni buses and trains?
  3. Missing Muni buses?
  4. Trashing of the park, even though they claim to be a "green" event?
  5. Limos and Luxury Towncars illegally trying to sell you a ride for an insane price?
  6. Failure to notify city residents of park road closures and delays?
  7. Drunk people vomiting all over the street?
  8. Overselling the concert?
  9. People knocking over temporary fences before a stampede breaks out?
  10. $100K to $200K in irrigation damage in the park?
  11. Idiots at San Francisco 311 who can't give you accurate answers?
  12. Calling your local police station for information, but telling you that they don't know either? (Yeah, just wait until an ambulance is trying to rescue you, but can't get through because the city, once again, screws-up information).
  13. And the list goes on and on...
My old postings to read:
My investigation into lack of street closure info and getting support.
A huge conglomerate of complaints from random citizens.
And the post-event report.

The city claims they will get 1.5 million dollars for leasing the land to OutsideLands to destroy, cause havoc, and sure piss-off the surrounding neighborhoods. It's not 1.5 million per day, it's 1.5 million for THREE DAYS.

And I'm going to bet that the city will spend more than 1.5 million dollars in that three days doing what they do best:
  1. Police overtime
  2. Muni overtime
  3. Meter maid overtime
  4. SF Park Service overtime
  5. Sunset Scavenger extra pickups
  6. Gasoline costs for cop cars, buses, and other city vehicles.
  7. Maintenance costs for the vehicles above.
  8. City Supervisors and their staff working extra hours answering complaint calls and e-mails.
  9. Fixing destroyed park fixtures, irrigation lines, patches of grass.
  10. Lawsuits brought forth by residents.
  11. 311 needing extra people to handle the extreme number of phone calls and complaints.
And lastly, why host an event on a FRIDAY? Do they understand that Muni is already operating at capacity during regular commutes, and just adding a hundred thousand people to the mix will put the system in a wreck? If they want to win support, you don't piss off the weekday commuters trying to get home on the outbound lines that goes next to and even several blocks away from the event site (this includes, but not limited to N-Judah, 5-Fulton, 29-Sunset, 31-Balboa, 71-Haight/Noriega, any peak express buses heading west, etc.).

The concert company should start thinking about leasing as many tour buses, school buses, and literally any bus they can get their hands on to transport people to/from the event site to major transit hubs, like Daly City BART, downtown, local ferry terminals, etc. And maybe they could also lease some local ferry boats to transport those folks home across the bay after a late night concert. If they want to recover the costs, do what Bay to Breakers does, charge them for a special pass that gives them the privilege to ride the vehicles.


Whole Wheat Toast said...

I wonder if it's too late to cancel the event/contract...

murphstahoe said...

1.5 million for leasing the land

and X million in Sales Tax revenue on beer and food

and X million in Lodging tax revenue

and a million or so in MUNI fares/Cab taxes


Anonymous said...

Muni won't be able to handle the transportation end. Giants, 49ers will be in town for that weekend.

Anonymous said...

I was affected in the least by this last year, so the "entire city" doesn't necessarily feel anything...I am more affected by the festivals that are in my hood (J-town...not complaining about them, just commenting), as are many in festival-ladden areas. Distruption is part of city living, IMO.

I heard some people that went to this last year had a great time. I had to go out to Ocean Beach that weekend last year and had no problems...I won't go to the festival b/c I don't like the big crowds, and wish people would act like grown-ups. I do hope that this year they get their stuff together a little more and learn from last year.

Just a different perspective. We're all NIMBY's at some point, I guess.