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Thursday, March 26, 2009

McDonald's sold me an EXPIRED Fruit and Walnut Salad

If you eat at McDonald's and order the "Fruit and Walnut Salad," I highly suggest you should read the expiration date on the packaging before you leave the restaurant.

I was at the Stonestown (20th and Winston, San Francisco) location today and I ordered the salad with a breakfast sandwich. When I arrived at work, I was going to put the salad into the refrigerator and I noticed something brown with the apples and grapes. Nearly half of the apples and all the grapes were rotting.

So I flip the package and look at the front cover. It said to consume the item by "March 09" in which I feel the item is EXPIRED, like 17 DAYS EXPIRED. I think the restaurant folks thought the item expired on the last day of the month.

Well well well employees, why not FLIP THE DAMN PACKAGE OVER AND LOOK AT THE ROTTEN FRUIT before selling it?

Unfortunately, it was too late to return the item, I took it to-go and drove the item to work and my shift was about to start.

I gave a call to the national customer service center at McDonald's and told them to add an expiration year to their packaging. Since McDonald's mass packages the Fruit and Walnut Salad (they used to have each restaurant do it by hand), I think it would be easy for them to add the digits: "2009."

So look out folks when you buy that product, if you buy it this year and it says "09," you better have purchased that sometime before the 9th of that month. My advice, get the freshest fruit salad by buying it between the 1st of the month and the 9th of the month so those folks don't screw up that badly.


Anonymous said...

Yuk! Sad that as hard as McD's tries to be super efficient they sure f--- up when they do - gee, you could see rotten fruit and they can't? I am real careful whn I buy things at expensive Andronico's - they sell expired stuff too...Who has time to return things like that? Anyway, THANKS for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

I got a fruit & walnut salad today at mcDonalds #6429 on Old 3rd Street rd in Louisville, Ky. It expired Nov 5, today is the 12th....and like above, there is no year. Their excuse was that they don't sell a lot of them. Really?