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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update: Akit's Furlough Adventures being consolidated

Some good (and kinda bad) news: I have received word on my furlough calendar for the next 10 months, this means about 20 or so days of mandatory furloughs for me to take.

I've decided to consolidate Akit's Furlough Adventures to be part of the Complaint Department blog postings, this makes it easier for me to manage on just one blog.

To go over some details about this consolidation:
  • To vote for Akit's first furlough day on Friday, August 14th, please vote on the right side of the page at: http://furloughtrips.blogspot.com You have until this Thursday at 6PM to vote, then I'm shutting down the Furlough Adventures blog for consolidation.
  • To vote for Akit's second furlough day on Monday, August 17th, please vote on the left side of Akit's Complaint Department at: http://www.akit.org
  • For all future furlough events, please keep visiting the Complaint Department to vote.
Just to remind you of what's going to happen: You can e-mail me suggestions or post them in the comments section, I'll gather your ideas and post them in a poll, and you vote for them! When the day comes, I'll take the popular vote and blog all about my "furlough adventures" and you'll see it here at Akit's Complaint Department.

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