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Monday, August 3, 2009

Update: Translink Card Commuter Benefits Posted Several Days Before New Month

Update about my previous posting on Translink and the delay with adding commuter benefits:

I just contacted Translink and spoke to their manager about the situation and he informed me that the "last Friday" rule is not correct.

Their policy is to add the Translink funds between when the commuter benefits company sends the list to Translink and several days before the new month starts. The manager claims it's a "short period" but are able to input the data in time.

He also confirmed my Commuter Check Direct benefits have been added to my account, but since I took the car to work today, I'll wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) for the update to my card.

It also turned-out in a later phone call I received, Commuter Check Direct didn't include my card serial number in my account, which is really odd because I can't add or modify my Commuter Check order without my card serial number. This could be the root cause of the delay for me.

That's comforting news to hear and I hope Translink and Commuter Check does the right thing next month when my adult Muni fast pass will be posted to my account.

In other news: Translink is working well on BART's first day. SF Appeal commenters are saying how smooth it's working, and BART's twitter is re-tweeting a user's positive experience.

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