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Friday, August 14, 2009

Akit's Furlough Adventure #1 - Sausalito

You voted for it, and you get it folks... I went out to Sausalito today on my first furlough day, Friday, August 14, 2009.

Let's go on the furlough adventure!

I arrived at the Ferry Building too early, so I sat down and consumed some Peets coffee while waiting for the right time to walk down to the Golden Gate Ferry terminal.
Drinking coffee and waiting for my boat

I boarded the Golden Gate Ferry using my Translink card and saving a bundle, while those other folks were paying nearly double for the 30 minute ride to Sausalito. Suckers...
Golden Gate Ferry Terminal

The ride on the M.V. Marin is very comfortable, especially since Golden Gate Transit refurbished the ferry boat with cushioned seats, tons of room for bicycles, and a special area that disallows cell phone use.
Golden Gate Ferry Boat - MarinBay Bridge in Background

With the weather just right, clear skies, and the sun bright, this furlough day was going to go well. There's a lot of shopping in Sausalito, very nice art galleries, and very cozy places to eat with great views. Here's a few highlights of where I visited:

Munchie's Candies... the salt water taffy is so soft! I got about $4.75 worth of mostly salt water taffy, and a small bag of sour apple gummy rings.
Munchies CandiesSo much taffy... and some gummy rings!

For lunch, I ate a "San Francisco Club" sandwich at the Venice deli. The sandwich had roast beef, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and mayo on a locally baked sourdough roll. I had a nice chat with the guy who made my sandwich and rung it up. I mentioned about my mandatory furlough at my SF State job, and he mentioned his daughter is going to SF State to major in Ethnic Studies and was disappointed about the library construction on the campus. Luckily, I graduated at the right time, just before the library closed.
San Francisco Club Sandwich at Venice Deli
(I already ate half of this really tasty sandwich)

So after spending a few hours baking in the sun, looking at all the shops, and eating a tasty sandwich, it was time to return to the city. I hopped back on the Golden Gate Ferry to the Ferry Terminal with my Translink card and took BART with my Translink card home.
Golden Gate Ferry - Return TripTranslink Card - BART

Want to view all 54 photos? See the slideshow below:

Akit's next furlough adventure #2 is coming this Monday, August 17th. The Rockridge district in Oakland is the popular choice right now, but if BART's unions go on strike on that day, I can't go to that destination. You can still vote for Rockridge on the left side of Akit's Complaint Department, but there's no guarantee. I may also take a suggestion from a previous commenter to counter picket the BART strike to "get those union folks' butts back to work!"

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