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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Akit's Furlough Adventures - A New Blog!

I'm starting a new blog called "Akit's Furlough Adventures" and it will chronicle the days when I'm forced to take furlough days. I thought about this idea when I posted a recent entry by listing places I would go do on furlough days.

Here's the idea, you can e-mail me or post a comment on the most recent blog entry about where I should go visit during my furlough days. I may choose one specific one or I may post a poll on the blog to let you pick the one I should go visit.

During my day-off, I will go out with my camera and take photos of my journey and write about it.

As always, pick anywhere within the SF Bay Area! But remember, I'm taking a 10% pay cut for these forced unpaid days off, so be kind by not making me pay a high admission fee or paying an expensive Caltrain ticket.

The big benefit for me is that I won't be bored spending my time at home watching daytime soaps on TV or playing video games. Plus, there are many areas around the Bay Area I haven't visited or been to in a long time; your suggestions helps me explore our unique Bay Area!

Drop by, suggest, and vote! http://furloughtrips.blogspot.com

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