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Thursday, July 3, 2008

It's Never On Time - San Francisco Muni

I can't believe this happened today. I was less than an hour away from leaving work and I noticed on NextBus (a GPS enabled program that monitors all bus lines to give real-time predictions for every stop) said that the next bus was to arrive in 60 minutes.

Sixty minutes? Really? The bus line runs on 20 minute intervals.

So I called San Francisco 311 for some information and the lady told me that THREE of the buses on the line were put out of service. The ride home was crowded.

Yeah... great job Muni.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Muni has been breaking my sanity chip for the past two years. I am standing on a typical day shoulder to shoulder deep with strangers pressed against me a disabled senior without a seat once again. The train is late as usual 20-40 minuets late and I am praying quietly telling myself not to go off on anyone. The most stressful part of my day is the averagely hour and a half ride home that should have taken me only 20-35 minuets. I wait for someone to offer their seat and most of the seats are clearly taken by several youth under the age of 25 who never look up blocked off from the world with their ear plugs and they don’t offer their seat. (Unless I say something out loud) then I’m the bad guy. I look around and no one says anything to anyone much like a zombie are they crazy? Doesn’t MUNI know that they have a potential riot on their hands? MUNI has to start addressing this quiet monster or there is great potential for great disaster. I see gadgets clipped to polls flat screen monitors video cameras voice announcements all of which do not work, no one can understand, interpret and none of which are accurate. Public transportation, I do not remember asking MUNI to send out fewer trains and buy more gadgets. I do not remember asking MUNI to hire security Guards who ticket the poor and hassle the paying riders. Sometimes it feels like an old fifty’s movie where the Gestapo Nazi officers are intimidating train riders for their passports.
Traumatizing the immigrants who ran away from terrine to this country to be stopped and questioned every 15 minuets and then stopped 7 times before they reach their destination. Without exaggeration I was stopped 7 times one night between the turn styles and home all within an hour’s length of time.