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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SF Giants Ticket Deals - Like Insane Deals

Some bad news, Costco doesn't sell the discounted ticket cards anymore because the cards were only valid to buy tickets for the months of April, May, and June. But don't worry folks, if you still have a card and don't claim it for tickets, it's converted into a gift card and redeemable for concessions and general tickets.

Never fear! Ticket bargains are still here!
  • The "K-Zone" program will offer $6 discounts per ticket for the Giants/A's game this Friday, June 12th. Buy tickets here and use promo code "GIANTSK". Valid sections for discount: Club level outfield and left field, lower box, bleachers, view box accessible, view reserved, and view reserved outfield.
  • SF McDonald's restaurants have discount codes (I can't tell the promo code here, might get me in trouble) for you to buy two tickets for $26.00. With all the surcharges for buying it online (it's the only option), it comes out to $34.00 (use will call or standard mail). But on the brighter end, upper reserved seats are just $17 each, a minimum savings of $1, but can save more on the better teams and weekend tickets. Not valid on A's and Dodgers games, but the code is valid for ALL GAMES remaining in the season.
  • In celebration of Randy Johnson's 300 wins, $10 gets view box and view reserved outfield tickets for Saturday, June 20th's game. Order here and use promo code: "RANDY". What a bargain since regular view box seats for that evening cost $30 each.
  • "K-Ville" offer gives you a lower box or arcade seat with a t-shirt, foam "K," and a stored value to buy food and gifts. It costs $55, but the stored value can be up to $20 if you choose an arcade seat, meaning you chew on $20 worth of garlic fries and spend $35 for the ticket, free shirt, and foam novelty item. Order tickets here. Limited selection of games.
Just so I don't get in trouble, here's my sources for the discounts:
K-Zone info. Promo code posted online at Giants site.
McDonald's promo information. Promo code only available at restaurants.
$10 tickets for Saturday, June 20 game. Main Giants website, promo code posted in the "Giants Jottings" section of page.
K-Ville tickets information page. No promo code needed.

Also, a tasty food deal at McGraw's Grill locations in the ballpark: Burger, fries, and small soda for $8.75. It's not advertised heavily as the hot dog meal (hot dog, peanuts, and drink) at the Doggie Diner locations, but it's hiding on the regular menu board at McGraw's. Upgrade for garlic fries is a small surcharge, but well worth it.

Plus, save 50 cents if you take BART and Muni metro to/from the ballpark. Remember to pre-purchase your Muni fare before exiting the Embarcadero BART station, or grab a BART/Muni discount coupon before leaving any of the other stations. For the discount coupon, claim the first portion with the Muni station agent, and when buying your return ticket from the ballpark, surrender the other half to the ballpark employee. More info here on how I advocated to get AT&T to accept the discount coupons.

For more ballpark deals, visit the "Fan Value Corner" section.

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